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Strike-Free Education Act January 21, 2008

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Check out StopTeacherStrikes.  Pennsylvania is one of only 13 states that still allow teachers to strike. The threat of a teacher’s strike in the Downingtown Area School District (DASD) offers an illustration of why this is such an unfair tactic: Parents are afraid to oppose the union in public because the union’s members control the lives of their children 180 days a year, as well as grades and recommendations that determine their children’s future. Parents are also held hostage because they are on the hook for contingent daycare expenses in the event that teachers do choose to strike. The pressure to mollify the teachers is both one-sided and overwhelming.

Reasonable people may disagree in principle about what is fair compensation for working in a union-protected job like that enjoyed by public school teachers. The best way to determine whether the union has obtained an unfair advantage is to look at the competition for membership: According to the Daily Local, the DASD received 4,627 applications for the 66 teaching positions that opened last year. In an economy like ours with record-low unem-ployment, seventy applicants for every open position indicates that the union is extracting excessive rents for its members. Those rents are at the expense of the taxpaying public.

Teacher unions across the state hold the public hostage using laws that give their members an unfair advantage of the taxpayers footing their manifestly lavish compensation. If this weren’t government-sanctioned we would call it racketeering and would expect a grand jury to be investigating the cartel perpetrating it.


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