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Burying the Lead: Casey’s Jersey Connection September 18, 2006

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For a study in just how seedy campaign fundraising and lobbying can get, don’t miss today’s Inquirer profile of Robert Feldman.  Granted, this man has not been charged with any crime during those activities.  But you have to read further into the article for some interesting details on Casey’s Jersey muscle: 

Feldman had built significant fund-raising muscle, and he began to exercise it. One example came in 2001, when Feldman served simultaneously as top fund-raiser for gubernatorial campaigns in two states – Casey’s in Pennsylvania and McGreevey’s in New Jersey.

As usual, Feldman’s network of donors sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to assist both men, records show.

This time, $250,000 donated to Casey was sent across the Delaware River into New Jersey.

The donations came in two installments, in March and October 2001, and were distributed to four political committees supporting McGreevey, finance records show.

The money transfers are striking because of their size and timing; in 2001, Casey was struggling to raise money for a primary fight against the better-financed Rendell.

Casey aides said it was a strategy: They hoped to generate good will in New Jersey so money would flow back to Casey.

Through the May 2002 Democratic primary, New Jersey donors gave $1.2 million to Casey and $885,000 to Rendell, records show.

Casey says he’s now fuzzy on the details.

This reminds me of a line by Homer Simpson in a particularly apt episode (search for “fuzzy”).



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