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Strategic Clarity August 29, 2006

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This is leadership: Bringing strategic clarity to a debate that has been so confused by partisan spin and hyperbole that it’s hard to determine whether there is even a war going on, or with whom we might actually be at war.  Senator Santorum takes it away:

“We are at war with Islamic fascism,” Santorum argued while addressing the standing-room-only audience. “… And the principal leader of this Islamic fascist movement is Iran, led by a man named Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.”

Santorum also said that while he agreed with President Bush on many things, he parted ways with the President on how to explain the war to the American public. Bush has called it a war on terror, but “this is no more a war on terror than World War II was a war on blitzkrieg. Blitzkrieg is a tactic, it’s not our enemy.

Whether he’s in a reelection battle or not, whether you agree with his politics or not, this is the sort of principled insight to which all of our politicians should aspire.

“Terrorist attack is not our enemy,” he contended. “Our enemy are people who have ideology.”

“They’re in a holy war,” Santorum said of Islamic fundamentalists. “These people are after us not because we oppress them… but because we stand for everything they hate.”



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