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PennPatriot Challenges Casey to Reject Support From Planned Parenthood June 29, 2006

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PennPatriot questions why Planned Parenthood is supporting Casey (my bolds):

Is the director of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America missing something here? Bob Casey Jr. is an anti abortion candidate. So according to her speech, Cecile Richards feels that replacing an anti abortion U.S. Senator with another anti abortion U.S. Senator is some sort of big victory for the pro abortion agenda. I told you this is a wacky political year for the Democratic Party.

This is perhaps the best evidence that I have seen to date that exposes the Democratic Party for what they really are. To them the November election is more about regaining power than it is about debating ideas or standing up for their beliefs.I just cannot believe that the leading provider of abortions in America is supporting Bob Casey Jr. Pennsylvanians have the right to know how much money Casey Jr’s campaign has recieved from pro abortion groups like the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.PennPatriot Online challenges Bob Casey Jr. and the leaders of his campaign to return any campaign money that was donated to them by pro abortion groups. Saying that you are anti abortion requires more than just saying the talking points. It takes action. If Casey doesn’t return the pro abortion lobby money pro life voters in Pennsylvania may begin to think that Casey Jr. is trying to “pull the wool over their eyes”.

Has Casey taken money from pro-abortion groups? If Casey is going to ask for the votes of pro-lifers in PA, he should answer this question. Similarly, Casey claims he is pro-gun. Has he taken money from gun-grabber groups?

Casey has recently accused Rick Santorum of double-speak and hypocrisy because Santorum didn’t translate his Spanish website quickly enough to suit Casey. If Casey says he supports a pro-life or pro-gun position but still accepts money from¬† interest groups that oppose those positions, that would truly be hypocritical.



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