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How One Democrat Explains His Support for Casey: “In World War II, we had to make some unpleasant alliances to defeat fascism” June 29, 2006

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Jon Robison, the blogger posting “I have to work for Bob Casey for Senate,”claims to be a Casey supporter, but the endorsement is so backhanded and cynical that it could pass for satire. I’m reprinting my favorite part below:

“This year I will do something which I have never done in over a hundred political campaigns. I am supporting a candidate who is openly opposed to a woman’s right to choose a safe and legal abortion.Why? In one word – Santorum….In World War II, we had to make some unpleasant alliances to defeat fascism. I’m not comparing Santorum to Hitler — Mussolini, maybe — Francisco Franco definitely.”

I don’t agree with Jon’s comparison of Santorum to a fascist, but let’s follow Jon’s logic all the way. If Santorum is a fascist, would that make Casey Stalin in this analogy? Or perhaps he’s just a French Nazi collaborator in the analogy? Either way, voting for him is clearly distasteful to Jon Robison. And it’s not that flattering to Casey either.



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