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What a Ringing Endorsement! June 28, 2006

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This post by Kashmir on http://blog-about-bob-casey.blogspot.com/ made me laugh (my bolds inline):

A moment ago when I was talking about how conservative Santorum was and his stance on issues, you may have noticed that Bob Casey shares some of the same positions as Santorum: he is pro-life, ant-gun control, and pro-capital punishment so the question is what’s the difference between the two men? The answer seems almost too simple. Casey is a Democrat.

The fact that Casey is a Democrat means that like it or not he is going to have the likes of Harry Reid & Company breathing down his neck every time he doesn’t vote with them. Now Casey is a strong independent man but when it comes down to it he’s also a politician which means at some point he’s going to need the support of his party.

So basically…Casey has Kashmir’s vote because Kashmir is counting on the fact that Casey will eventually cave to the will of Harry Reid & Company in order to maintain the support of his party.

What does it say about a candidate when his supporters are voting for him despite their disdain for his principles because “when it comes down to it he’s also a politician” and likely to sell out his principles to get the “support of his party”?



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