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Green Party Candidate for Senate Romanelli Ignored by the Media June 28, 2006

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I saw the following press release on SantorumBlog:

Vince Galko, Santorum Campaign Manager reaches out to Jay Reiff, Casey’s campaign manager.

    Our initial conversations with Mr. Romanelli have been positive, and we are grateful that at least one of our opponents has come forward and is willing to discuss the issues. We hope that you will follow Mr. Romanelli’s lead and be willing to debate. The voters of Pennsylvania deserve no less.

    With regards to Mr. Romanelli’s request for Democrats and Republicans to help him in his efforts to get on the ballot, I believe our campaigns should encourage our supporters to help Mr. Romanelli garner the necessary signatures he needs. Democrats, Republicans and Independents all agree that the democratic process should be open and welcoming to people of differing positions. Although I assume Mr. Romanelli and Sen. Santorum differ on many issues, we welcome a candidate to the debate who has the courage of his convictions.

    As far as we are aware, the Santorum, Casey and Romanelli campaigns are the only campaigns on file with the Federal Election Commission for the U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania. Based on published reports, it also appears that Mr. Romanelli has already exceeded the number of signatures collected and filed by the Santorum and Casey campaigns in March of this year. Should Mr. Romanelli collect enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot, our campaign will support his full participation in campaign debates. We hope neither the Casey campaign nor your allies within the Democratic Party will challenge his right to be on the ballot.

But I couldn’t find any coverage on Romanelli’s campaign in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News or Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. An internet search on Romanelli also didn’t turn up recent newspaper articles– aside from one article in March about his efforts to get signatures and several letters to the editor.

I don’t personally agree with the Green Party’s position on the issues, but they are the third largest political party in the US. While I realize that the Green Party has no realistic chance of actually winning a Senate or Congressional Race, isn’t it is odd that they are ignored by the press? As a voter, I’d be curious to see how the candidates from the two dominant parties respond in a contest of ideas to Green Party or Libertarian Party ideas.



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