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Eugenics and the Debate over “Gay Abortions” June 28, 2006

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I wrote earlier about a bloggers accusation that Rick Santorum would support abortion on “gay babies.” As I noted in that post, no pro-lifer would ever endorse this reprehensible concept. Pro-lifers believe all life is precious, and they do not support efforts to create “designer babies” by selectively destroying embryos.

Disability advocates have expressed concern about the use of selective abortions to “screen out” the disabled. They note that they had a right to be born.

Now that a widely publicized study has suggested that homosexuality might be an inherited trait, some bloggers have started to question if abortion would be used to “screen out” homosexuality from the population. This study has not definitively proved that homosexuality is genetic, but it still has caused quite a stir in the blogosphere .
Polipundit comments:

The BBC is reporting that a “man’s sexual orientation may be determined by conditions in the womb.”

That leads to two interesting questions.

Just as we treat other pre-natal conditions, should we not treat this condition as any other illness?

For those that are pro-choice, should we not offer screening for pregnant woman so that they can make a choice like they do with many other fetal conditions? (I can not answer that question because I am pro-life)

Gay Patriot picks up on Polipundit’s query and asks how this would affect the left’s position on abortion:

…how does the Gay Left now reconcile its historic, increasingly vocal and unavowed support of “abortion-on-demand rights” as also being intertwined with “Gay Rights”?

Speaking as someone from the Gay Left would (or should if they had principles): If a mother knew there were a biological increase in her baby being born gay…why not have the right to abort that baby? Or treat the suggested “antibodies” with a pre-natal genetic therapy to “cure” the gayness before it is born?

That seems to be the only intellectually honest position the Gay Left could have. Otherwise the Gay Rights movement should become stridently Pro Life in order to stop the soon-to-be Gay Abortions-On-Demand.

If the BBC study is correct and if it ever becomes possible to genetically screen embryos for homosexuality, the gay rights movement will have to make a choice. Will they align themselves with the abortion-on-demand left even if it means legalizing selective abortion to eliminate gays from the gene pool (aka eugenics)? Or will they make their peace with the pro-life right (also called the religious right by the media)? The religious right may not support gay marriage, but they would- without hesitation- support the right of every person to be born regardless of sexuality, disability or any other trait.

Then again the left might find another solution to the problem. One reader commented on Gay Patriot:

At any rate, the simple solution is to prohibit prenatal testing for homosexuality. If the mother doesn’t know whether her fetus is gay, she can’t decide to abort it because it is gay. There is no legitimate reason for her to have that piece of information.

Another solution, of course, is to criticize the scientists who engage in studies seeking to discover the mechanisms that give rise to homosexuality. If ever there was a piece of information that the world is too immature and irresponsible to possess, it is that. The certainty of eugenic misuse of that information outweighs the valid interest in pursuit of knowledge, a pursuit that may be resumed in the future, when humanity recovers from its malignant homophobia.

The problem with this solution is that it is completely hypocritical. The abortion-on-demand crowd believes “my body, my choice,” yet they would essentially deny a woman the choice to know if the baby she was carrying was gay. The reason for telling parents that their fetus is a male or female is not more legitimate than telling them their fetus is potentially homosexual. Will the left move to ban this information as well since they know that sex selection can- and does- lead to selective abortion? Or will they only deny information on homosexuality since they believe homosexuals should be a protected group in utero? As for criticizing scientists, doesn’t the left always accuse the right of being anti-science? Apparently that is a principle the left could discard whenever it isn’t convenient to their P.C. way of viewing the world.



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