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Double Standard Watch: Philadelphia Inquirer on WMDs in Iraq June 26, 2006

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Tom Ferrick's recent column in the Philadelphia Inquirer was an open letter to Senator Rick Santorum. Ferrick writes that: 

"Your assertion last week that there are, in fact, WMDs in Iraq, while false, cements your standing among Warrior Conservatives…."

Santorum quoted from a declassified report describing artillery shells loaded with chemical weapons that have been found in Iraq since the liberation.

So why does Ferrick say that his claim that there are WMDs in Iraq is false?

  • Is it because he doesn't consider chemical weapons to be weapons on mass destruction?
  • Is it because he thinks we've finally found them all?
  • Is it because, as some have said, "These weren't the WMDs we were looking for"?
  • Is it because they were older "degraded" munitions that may not have worked as originally designed, and only fresh, full-potency chemical weapons count? (If that's the case, does America's nuclear arsenal count as WMDs, given that we haven't been able to test our degrading nuclear arms for many years?)

I would appreciate some clarification.

Santorum and Hoekstra have offered proof about WMDs in Iraq. Yet Ferrick offers no proof for his claim that Santorum's "assertion last week that there are, in fact, WMDs in Iraq" is "false"? Santorum shared a declassified report, but we're just supposed to take Ferrick's word for it that Santorum is lying?



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