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Philadelphia Inquirer: Cristal boycott more newsworthy than WMDs in Iraq June 22, 2006

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Question: Which is more newsworthy?

  • A) Jay-Z announces a boycott of Cristal champagne due to insensitive remarks by a Cristal spokesman
  • B) WMDs are found in Iraq

Answer: According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the boycott of a $300+ champagne that only the super-rich can afford to drink merits front page coverage instead.

The Inquirer must feel that they covered the WMD news already with all of their previous articles about how WMD didn't exist in Iraq. Like this one on 6/21- "Who is the last elected official in America to think there are still weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?"

On 6/21, the Philadelphia Inquirer implied that Weldon was the last elected offical to believe there are still weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. That same evening, Senator Santorum and Congressman Hoekstra held a press conference where they released proof (based on recently unclassified documents) of WMD in Iraq. On 6/22, no acknowledgement in the Inquirer– not even a correction to the previous day's article mocking Congressman Weldon for believing there were WMD in Iraq.



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