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Casey’s Spanish Language Website June 21, 2006

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On June 11th, I wrote about the biased Philadelphia Inquirer article on Rick Santorum's Spanish language website. At that time, I noted that we should give Santorum the benefit of the doubt on this issue since it takes time to translate websites. 

I'm pleased to see that the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a follow-up story on this issue:

Until recently, English-language visitors to the Santorum site could read a tough summary of the Republican senator's position on a measure he complained would make it possible for two-thirds of illegal immigrants to gain legal status – some by going home to get a valid work visa, some by paying a fine and partial back taxes.But Spanish readers initially found no such language – no mention of amnesty, no mention of "felons" and "serial lawbreakers," as in the English discourse.

The Santorum camp said that was only because the Spanish version had not been updated, and that a word-for-word translation was soon coming. Now that's happened.

To their credit, the Philadelphia Inquirer also asked pro-amnesty candidate Casey if he had a Spanish language website:

Casey spokesman Larry Smar replied: "We don't have one. … I don't know what else to say about it."

It is refreshing to see that the Philadelphia Inquirer chose to correct the facts after publishing an initial article that was quite biased. However, I doubt Casey is going to update his website's reporting on this issue. As of today, he still has a article posted questioning Santorum's integrity on this issue and linking to the original Inquirer article: 

Rick Santorum is talking out of both sides of his mouth — and in two different languages. Santorum has a history of delivering different messages to different people. Now he's doing it in two different languages.

At the end of the post, the Casey blog asks: 

Did Santorum really think no one would look at his web site?

Did Casey really think no one would look at his web site? Did he think no one would notice the hypocrisy of attacking his opponent for failing to instantaneously translate his Spanish website even though Casey can't be bothered to create one himself?  



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