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Reprinting Lies in the Philadelphia Daily News June 19, 2006

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The Philadelphia Daily News (link available free on the Centre Daily Times) accused Rick Santorum of raising attention about Casey's pro-amnesty stance on illegal immigration in order to "obscure his own problems."

Illegal immigration is not a big issue in Pennsylvania, despite the moronic and mean-spirited "English Only" rule at Geno's Steak in South Philly.

In a state and city with a relatively static population, we could only wish for an infusion of new blood in the region.

Yet Santorum, as he has done with gay marriage and Terri Schiavo, has picked another hot-button issue to drive voters to the polls – and obscure some of his own problems, including the mounting evidence suggesting that he is not truly an inhabitant of his home state, as the Constitution requires of senators.

It is irresponsible of the Daily News to repeat a discredited lie as a fact– twice! (The first line of the article is: "FOR A GUY who is essentially breaking the rules over where he lives, Sen. Rick Santorum has suddenly developed an ironic interest in the illegal immigration issue.")

Isn't it ironic that the Philadelphia Daily News claims to be an unbiased newspaper yet it publishes a biased (and untrue) political attack?
Santorum is a legal resident of PA, and a previous smear piece in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on this issue was already disproved by the Philadelphia Inquirer. See my previous posts on this issue: "Pittsburgh Post-Gazette owes Santorum an Apology", "Common Sense", and "Inventing a Controversy."

Many people also would disagree with the assertion that illegal immigration is not a big issue and that "we could only wish" for more illegal immigration in our area. In fact, the Philadelphia Daily News printed the following letter to the editor:

In the June 12 edition, the editors decreed that "illegal immigration is not a big issue in Pennsylvania." Most people around this area will tell you that the issue is important to them. And most people agree with Sen. Santorum's position.

Scott Savett, Bala Cynwyd

The support Geno's has received and the ongoing controversy over immigration shows that illegal immigration is a hot-button issue in our area.

Now Casey, who previously declared his support for amnesty for illegal immigrants, is running radio ads in an attempt to distance himself from this position. And cooperative reporters at the Philadelphia Daily News are doing their best to help him by spreading lies about Santorum's residency.



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