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More proof that amnesty for illegal immigrants is a “big issue” in PA June 19, 2006

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The Philadelphia Daily News claimed recently that amnesty for illegal immigrants isn't a "big issue," but do Pennsylvanians agree?

This letter to the editor (my bolds) is worth reading:

"Sen. Rick Santorum deserves the thanks of every Pennsylvanian for standing up to the president and many of his Senate colleagues on the issue of immigration.

Rather than caving to pressures from the president, Sen. Santorum stood up for strengthening our borders and for true reform of our immigration system.

The bill Senator Santorum voted against was full of ridiculous proposals that would have provided 12 million illegal immigrants with amnesty and would have made a mockery of the Social Security system by providing those who broke the law with benefits for the time spent here illegally.

Sen. Santorum knew this was unfair to Pennsylvanians like you and me because we would never expect the government to provide us with those types of benefits.

I was shocked that Senator Santorum’s opponent, Scranton’s Bob Casey, would support this inane proposal. Mr. Casey thinks it’s a good idea to provide illegal immigrants with benefits that average Americans could never expect to receive, while doing nothing to secure our borders.

Perhaps this is why Mr. Casey claimed that Pennsylvania voters don’t care how their representatives would vote. Unfortunately for Mr. Casey, he was wrong on that count, too, because his decision to support this amnesty proposal is something voters won’t soon forget. I know it will be on my mind when I vote in November."

This letter to the editor (my bolds) also shows that Pennsylvanians are concerned about Casey's pro-amnesty stance:  

"Northeast Pennsylvania newspapers have taken great pains to paint State Treasurer Bob Casey as a valiant champion of our area. However, by looking at his record, it is quite obvious that this is anything but the truth.

Mr. Casey has a decade-long record of looking out for one person and one person only. That person is himself.

Even though Mr. Casey knows the impact of the medical liability crisis on the women and children of our area, he has chosen the side of trial lawyers and refused to support reforms to the medical liability system.

Even though Mr. Casey knows there is an immigration problem, he chooses to pass the buck and support amnesty for those who have broken the law.

Even though Mr. Casey knows that we will soon be facing a Social Security and Medicare crisis, he supports no proposals to fix those programs that benefit millions of Pennsylvanians. All Mr. Casey does is criticize Sen. Rick Santorum for taking stands and working to find solutions.

It is clear that Mr. Casey only cares about himself and what office he can run for next.

First it was auditor general, then it was governor, then it was state treasurer, and now it’s U.S. Senator. During this time, he has not taken the time to understand that the job of a public official is to look for solutions.

This is what Sen. Santorum has done during the past 12 years and I plan on working to help Sen. Santorum have another six-year term to make an even greater difference for Pennsylvania."



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