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Take this Test (I wouldn’t have passed it) June 17, 2006

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A blogger at A Big Fat Slob (same post also listed on Daily Kos) posted the following test:

“Take this test — which candidate (and only ONE candidate in the Pennsylvania US Senate race has espoused all of these positions):

  • Supported President Bush’s decision to go into Iraq
  • Opposes a timeline for exit from Iraq
  • Said he would support President Bush dropping nuclear weapons on Iran
  • Opposes any new gun safety measures
  • Wants to criminalize abortion
  • Supported President Bush on Justices Roberts and Alito
  • Opposed a filibuster of Alito
  • Supported full renewal of the Patriot Act
  • Supports the Defense of Marriage Act
  • Opposes a moratorium on the Death Penalty
  • Has stated opposition to awarding health and other employment benefits to same sex partners of government employees
  • Has stated opposition to legislation granting full adoption rights to same sex couples
  • Has opposed proposals to roll back the Bush tax cuts on the top 2% of income earners
  • Takes campaign contributions from several hundred of the same corporate, pharmaceutical, and military/industrial PACs as his opponent
  • Is on the list of the top-twenty recipients of lobbyist/lawyer campaign donations
  • Has “no problem” with the display of religious documents on public property

According to A Big Fat Slob and Daily Kos, the answer is Casey. I would never have guessed that. I wanted to double check the list to see if Casey really does believe all that stuff. But since I couldn’t find the answers on Casey’s own website, I gave up.  (See my previous post on that subject-  “If you want to know where Casey stands, don’t bother to check his website.”)

It’s no wonder liberal activists are upset that (in the words of A Big Fat Slob) “four men in a room, all white, all from outside Pennsylvania, decided that Bob Casey should be the Democractic senatorial candidate from Pennsylvania.” The disillusion over this betrayal of Democratic ideals makes the rest of the post read like it could have been written by someone on the Santorum campaign:

“He doesn’t stand for anything. Casey has no ideas, no vision, no leadership and it shows in the lukewarm (and often reluctant) support he has. It isn’t a coincidence that Casey’s level of support in this latest poll is exactly the same as Santorum’s disapproval numbers — 49% say they would vote for Casey and 49% say they disapprove of Santorum. Casey doesn’t so much have supporters as Santorum has a lot of people who dislike him and want to see him gone……

Off the top of your head — can YOU name the top three Casey priorities? Okay, maybe that’s unfair. What is Casey’s number one priority? What will be on the top of his to-do list in January?

I pay attention and I can’t answer these questions.”

I pay attention, and I can’t answer these questions either.  But when posts on one of the most popular liberal websites in the world (Daily Kos) read like they could be Republican talking points, isn’t that a bad sign?  

Was Casey really the best candidate the Democrats could rustle up? If Casey wants to run for Senate, shouldn’t he be able to concisely define his priorities? Or will he keep trying to be “no things to all people” while throwing mud at Santorum?



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