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Kingmakers for Casey June 15, 2006

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An article in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer about how party leaders are playing “Kingmakers” and taking sides in local primaries “in their zeal to win control of Congress in November” failed to mention the role Democratic leadership played in Casey’s nomination. The Ohio Senate race was discussed in detail though:

In Ohio, Iraq war veteran Paul Hackett said he was pushed out of the race for the Democratic Senate nomination by party bosses in Washington. They favored Rep. Sherrod Brown as a stronger candidate against Republican Sen. Mike DeWine.

The committee denied blackballing Hackett among big Democratic donors. But at least one prominent Democrat – Howard Dean – agreed that Hackett was pushed out.

“I think there was some skulduggery in Washington that was going on, which I don’t approve of,” said Dean, the Democratic National Committee chairman.

After watching his candidate win in Virginia, Schumer dismissed concerns that he had left angry Democrats in his wake. “It hasn’t hurt us yet in any state where we mixed in,” he said.

Phil Singer, a spokesman for the Senate campaign committee, was unapologetic.

“Our goal is to win Senate races,” he said, “and that sometimes means cracking eggs to ensure that the candidates who have the best shot of winning get on the ballot. Democrats have lost Senate seats the last two elections and cannot afford to just let the chips fall where they may.”

This shows party activists what their leaders really think of them. In today’s cynical political environment, they are the eggs that might need to be cracked. Their ideals are those that might need to be sacrificed.  Blogger LeftIndependent reports:

“They have gone temporarily insane. The National Democratic Party and the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, truly, they are selling out every democratic value with this candidate, Bob Casey,” said Chuck Pennacchio, another Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate seat.

Many Democrats will loyally vote for Casey in November, but others are disillusioned with party interference in the campaign and what they view as media coverage biased in Casey’s favor.



1. papundit - June 20, 2006

Here’s more info on how party leaders pushed aside pro-choice candidate Barbara Hafer and handpicked Casey:
“Chuck Schumer played hardball in Pennsylvania this week, in a sign of just how serious Democrats are about winning and how much pain they are willing to inflict, and take, to do it. . . . Barbara Hafer, former state treasurer of Pennsylvania, was publicly pushed out of the race. On March 3, she was being quoted in the newspapers as saying, ‘We are in it.’ Then, Schumer, liberal stalwart of New York, this year’s leader of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, informed her they preferred her successor, Bob Casey Jr., conservative Democratic, better vote-getter, against Rick Santorum. And now that he had finally yielded to the entreaties of various senators and agreed to run, could she please step aside because she would lose and it would not be pretty, and he would be the better candidate.” (Susan Estrich, Op-Ed, “Democrats Mow Over Woman In Race,” The Myrtle Beach Sun-News, March 11, 2005)

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