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Double Standard Watch: Spanish Campaign Websites June 11, 2006

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Here's an amusing article (my comments inline) from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum seemed to be sending different messages to different audiences on his campaign Web site this week.

English-language visitors to www.ricksantorum.com encountered a home page filled with concern about the "amnesty-ridden proposal" the U.S. Senate adopted to deal with illegal immigration.

But a section of the site for Spanish readers made no mention of amnesty in its discourse on immigration. Nor did it refer to "rewarding criminal behavior" of illegal immigrants, as the English version did. [Papundit: Are you curious about how Casey's Spanish website version discussed the illegal immigration issue? Casey, who favors amnesty for illegal immigrants, doesn't have a Spanish website. The Inquirer omitted this inconvenient fact since I suppose they didn't think the article needed any balance. After all, if there had been any criticism of Casey, the Casey campaign wouldn't have been able to post the Inquirer attack piece on the Casey website with the witty title "Un Momento, Senor Santorum."]

Jim Hoefler, a professor of political science at Dickinson College, noted: "The English version is kind of the Rick Santorum we know – no amnesty, law and order, tough guy. The Spanish version is a lot softer – we need to find a balance, that sort of approach."

But Virginia Davis, the Republican senator's spokeswoman, said Santorum was not deliberately crafting different messages for different people. She said the English version had been updated since passage of the Senate bill May 25 and that the Spanish had not.

"Probably next week we'll have the identical version in Spanish," she said. [Papundit: It takes time to translate websites, and I think Santorum deserves the benefit of the doubt on this issue. Whether they love him or hate him, most people agree that Rick Santorum is not the type of person who hides his opinion. The article even acknowleges that the "English version is kind of the Rick Santorum we know." It is unfair to imply that Santorum was concealing his position on the immigration bill in order to appeal to voters who favor amnesty. Unlike Casey, Santorum is not pandering to illegal immigrants by endorsing amnesty for those who break our laws.]

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