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Common Sense on the Post-Gazette’s Residency Attack Piece June 3, 2006

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PA Voters are too smart to fall for a manufactured controversy, and these letters to the editor prove it:

Out-of-state job
The "home-phobics" who are on Rick Santorum's case should step back and think just a little.

Sen. Santorum, a legal Pennsylvania resident, was "hired" to do a job in Washington, D.C., as a representative of Pennsylvania. Do we expect him to commute on a daily basis to Washington or can he use that commute time more efficiently and effectively if he lives "temporarily" where he can commute daily to his job and at the same time be with his family, which he values?

He can't phone in his work. Do the senators from New York or Massachusetts commute daily from their home states? Would Bob Casey commute daily from Pennsylvania?


Since Casey wants to make a campaign issue of Santorum's residency, I want to know the answer to this question. Would he commute daily? I doubt it. Given Casey's poor record on job attendance, I doubt he would spend as much time in PA as Senator Santorum who has visited every Pennsylvania county each year since he was first elected to the Senate in 1994.

Another letter to the editor calls on Casey to denounce the smear tactics:

Smear campaign
It is shameful and despicable that U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum's Penn Hill's residency continues to be an issue ("Senate Fight Nasty Already: Santorum Says Opponent Snooped; Casey Denies Claim," May 24). That a "concerned" citizen can opine that the rooms are empty and there are no draperies on the windows to me implies stalking or peering into the house. The political motivation for this is so transparent and wrong that Democratic Senate candidate Bob Casey should publicly denounce and distance himself from such tactics.

It is logical that Sen. Santorum — as a man devoted to his faith, family and job — or that any elected official in Washington maintain two homes if possible so that he can fulfill his duties to his constituents both in Washington, D.C., and in his home state. This also allows the elected official to be with and available to his or her family as much as possible. I believe this is a hallmark of a responsible person, spouse and parent. Show me a politician who has the character to put his family first, and I will show you a politician more likely than not who cares for his or her constituents as well.

I call on the editor of this newspaper to issue a statement condemning these political tactics. Shame on everyone involved in this smear campaign!

North Fayette

I agree with the sentiment in this letter that a politician who has the character to put family first cares about his or her constituents. Imagine what the Post-Gazette article would have said about Santorum if he left his family alone in PA whenever he was working in D.C.? It would have painted him as heartless. There's no winning with a biased media.



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