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What One Democratic Voter Thinks of Casey’s Candidacy May 13, 2006

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This letter to the editor of the Patriot News makes a good point (my bold): 

Recently I told a friend I was for Chuck Pennacchio in the Pennsylvania Democratic Senate Primary. My friend said, yes, she liked everything she'd heard about Chuck, but she thought that maybe Bob Casey Jr. could be more "winnable" against Rick Santorum in November. She's wrong.

I asked if she knew that the Pennsylvania Democratic Party hasn't picked a winning candidate for U.S. Senate in 44 years. The last Democrat to win a full term Senate seat was a solid, progressive, mainstream Democrat — Joe Clark, in 1962.

Casey, like Santorum, is pro-war and anti-choice; he supports many of Bush's worst policies, and Casey is beholden to many of the same big corporate PAC donors, as is Santorum.

The "Republican-lite" strategy also assumes that Republicans must be stupid. But nearly 50 years ago Harry S. Truman said, "Given the choice between a Republican and someone who acts like a Republican, people will vote for the real Republican all the time."

Remember, the so-called "flaming liberals" Al Gore and John Kerry both won Pennsylvania. So did Ed Rendell (after trouncing much-favored Casey in the primary).

Voters who want to end this cycle of losing Senate races should follow my lead and vote for Pennacchio on May 16.

— KEITH STAMAN, Lancaster

Voters know where Santorum stands. But Casey is trying to play to both sides, and this could backfire. The Republican base is smart enough to spot the real Republican, and they won't fall for Casey's Santorum-lite act.  At the same time, Democratic loyalists have watched the candidates who support their ideals pushed aside on Casey's behalf. Time will tell if they reward the betrayal with their votes. 



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