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Double Standard Watch: 12th Street Gym Boycott May 3, 2006

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I feel strangely compelled to applaud the Philadelphia Inquirer for pointing out that Bob Guzzardi, the gym owner targeted by Democrat and gay activists for donating to Santorum, had also given "at least $84,840 to Democratic candidates." Nevertheless, the Inquirer article gives the boycott organizers a sympathetic hearing (and the only quote in the feature):

"Bob Guzzardi agreed in early April to sell his interest in the 12th Street Gym after activists threatened a boycott of the business, which is popular in the city's gay community. At the time, organizers cited, among other things, Guzzardi's $4,100 in contributions to Santorum's reelection committee during 2005.

Boycott organizers said those contributions can't outweigh Guzzardi's support for Santorum and Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R., Colo.), a leader in the fight against gay marriage.

"They are the incarnations of everything that's wrong with the radical right in this country," Ray Murphy said. "There's no reason to give those folks a cent."

I guess there's no atonement for someone who supports an enemy of the left. How does the saying go — "The friend of my friend is my enemy if he's also a friend of my enemy, even if he's better friends with my friend?"

The real question here (rhetorically, of course) is how would this have read if it were right-wing activists targeting a businessman for contributing to Democratic candidates? How many editorial-page features would follow the incident lamenting the "chilling effect" of the boycott on political activism, the growing threat of fundamentalist neoconservatives to free speech and civil rights? The poor businessmen who are collateral damage of the Christian right's war on democracy?



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