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Double Standard Watch: When Candidates Skip Work May 2, 2006

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Casey is skipping work, collecting a six-figure salary, and spending more than half his workdays away from his Harrisburg office. In comparison, Rick Santorum "has been present for 96 percent of votes since Casey announced his bid in March 2005." Yet a Philadelphia Inquirer headline paints the story as just another GOP attack (Carrie Budoff, "GOP Keeps After Casey on His Work Hours," Philadelphia Inquirer, May 1, 2006). A previous Inquirer article on Casey's poor work ethic also had a neutral headline (Carrie Budoff, "For Santorum And Casey, Fund-Raising Is Constant," The Philadelphia Inquirer, February 13, 2006).

Can you imagine the headline if the situation were reversed and the Republican candidate was skipping work 50% of the time while making a six-figure income? And do you think that such a story would attempt to paint the Democratic candidate's absences in the worst possible light as the Inquirer article did with Santorum's trivial absence rate?

Budoff wrote that "After missing four votes, and the possibility of a fifth on the Patriot Act, Santorum cut short a trip to Texas and Arizona" before she revealed that "Santorum did make 96 percent of his Senate votes between March and December – the key indicator for determining a senator's whereabouts." Although 96% sounds pretty good, Budoff warned, "that tells only part of the story." After noting that Santorum made his votes by "weaving 154 events throughout his Senate schedule," Budoff insinuated that such effective time-management was somehow connected to Jack Abramoff- "The mixing of public business and fund-raising has come under scrutiny since lobbyist Jack Abramoff's guilty plea in a bribery investigation that magnified the clubby relationships between lawmakers and lobbyists." Including this kind of gratuitous and unfounded insinuation against Santorum in the article while partially excusing Casey's work record by claiming that "The pressure to raise mounds of cash stems, in large part, from Santorum" just isn't fair.





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