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If You Want to Know Where Casey Stands, Don’t Bother to Check His Website April 26, 2006

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Casey's official website's minimal "issues" section makes it difficult for voters to determine where he stands on key issues. For example, Casey does not mention abortion anywhere on his "issues" page. Whether left or right, pro-life or pro-choice- voters have a right to know Casey's position on every relevant issue. Is it really too much to ask that Casey outline his positions on the "issues" section of his official campaign website?

The site does have a "news" page, which features some carefully selected pro-Casey newspaper articles. And that is where I had to turn to find information on Casey's abortion stance. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article by Maeve Reston, "Both Mr. Casey and incumbent Republican Sen. Rick Santorum oppose abortion, while Mr. Casey's two Democratic primary opponents — Chuck Pennacchio and Alan M. Sandals — support abortion rights." Reston, who observed that Casey has faced criticism from some PA abortion-rights advocates, wrote,

"Yesterday's event was closed to the press, but officials at Mr. Casey's campaign were quick to point out that many of the organizers and attendees favor abortion rights. And the letter from the Democratic senators urged potential guests to give their 'full support' to Mr. Casey's campaign, as part of a Democratic push to regain majority control of the Senate."

This article manages to portray Casey as both "pro-life" and someone who has the support of "nine female Senate Democrats who described themselves as 'pragmatic' and 'progressive.'" Due to the sparse issues section of his website, it is unclear whether Casey is progressive. But his pragmatism isn't in doubt.

He is pragmatic enough to straddle the line between pro-life and pro-choice by refusing to take a position in writing on his website on abortion and associated legislation (e.g. partial birth abortion, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act). Voters have a right to know how Casey would vote in the Senate on life issues. Clearly Casey was able to convince Democrats who "favor abortion rights" to organize this fundraiser for him, but what reassurances did he have to offer them first?

By refusing to outline his views in detail on his website, Casey Jr. diverts attention from the incompatibility between the platform of the national Democratic party and the well-known opinions of his popular father. Casey knows that he needs both the goodwill of his late father's pro-life supporters and that of the Democratic base. To express a position would alienate one- or possibly even both- of these groups.

This explains why Casey's website isn't more forthcoming on abortion, but what is the justification for why there is no information on medical liability reform, the Patriot Act, terrorist surveillance and other key issues?



1. papundit - May 3, 2006

http://gary_boatwright.mydd.com/story/2006/2/19/2930/36411 offers one possible explanation for Casey’s minimal issues page: “Bob Casey is a known item. The reason he doesn’t need an expansive issues page is because, like Scalito, his views and positions are very well known to his supporters and would only serve to turn away Pennsylvania Democrats who are disgusted with Santorum, but don’t follow politics closely.”

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