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Do Newspaper Endorsements Prove Media Bias is a Myth? April 2, 2006

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It's always fun to debunk the arguments of those who deny the existence of media bias. One critic of Bernard Goldberg's book on the subject (Bias) asked,

"If, as Goldberg argues, there's a media tilt toward Democrats, then why have Republicans received a majority of newspaper endorsements in all but two presidential elections since 1932?"

Let's examine this assertion from a Pennsylvania perspective using the 2004 election as an example.

  • Papers that endorsed Sen. John Kerry in 2004: Allentown Morning-Call, Centre Daily Times, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Philadelphia Daily News, The Philadelphia Inquirer.
  • Papers that endorsed President George Bush in 2004: The Express-Times (Easton) and the York Daily Record.
  • Papers that chose not to endorse either candidate in 2004: Harrisburg Patriot-News and the Scranton Times.

That makes 5 endorsements for Kerry, 2 for Bush, 2 for neither. Kerry had more than double the number of endorsements. If you were to take into account the circulation numbers of the various papers, the Kerry-to-Bush endorsement ratio would have been even greater.In order to be fair, let's revisit this question when Pennsylvania newspaper endorsements for the 2006 election are published.



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