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Can We Expect Another 21 Day Endorsement in 2006? April 2, 2006

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I'm wondering when we'll see the first newspaper endorsements for Election 2006.

After all, the Philadelphia Daily News endorsed Sen. John Kerry in June 2004– even though there were more than 4 months left before the election and over one month before the Democratic Convention. Here's how they justified the extraordinarily early endorsement:

"Because this race promises to be close and Pennsylvania is one of 18 swing states that can go to either candidate. For Kerry supporters to prevail they must do more than just vote, they must bring a ringer into this contest: the more than a million people in the region who did not vote in the last presidential election. We believe these non-voters, who will have to be mobilized over the next few months, are the key to victory."

Since Sen. Kerry lost the election, the Daily News might conclude that they needed more time to mobilize voters. Does this mean that the Daily News will make their 2006 endorsements in May?

During the 2004 Election, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a 21-day endorsement of Sen. John Kerry, outlining 21 reasons why voters should elect him president. (Bush supporters were permitted to write letters to the paper's op-ed page.) A single endorsement is one thing, but 21 days of endorsements seems like repetitive nagging to me. I think Pennsylvanians are intelligent enough to make up their own minds without 21 days of holier-than-thou editorials. But the Inquirer's decision makes total sense to any elitist who might think, "Anyone who supports Bush is clearly ignorant and in need of enlightenment. Lest they forget, those plebians will need constant reinforcement of my well-reasoned point of view."

Since the Inquirer's 21-day series made it clear that they don't think voters are intelligent enough to make up their own minds about how to vote without repetitive instruction, how many days will the Inquirer need to tell us how to vote in 2006?



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